In cooperation with our partner, polyclinic Kaliper, we cover a wide spectrum of injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. But we must bear in mind that the same injury or disorder does not equally affect each person and that is why we treat each patient in an individual manner. Our philosophy makes us to apply the least invasive approach, the surgery being our last option.

Kaliper polyclinic employs a team of top orthopedists and traumatologists dealing with a wide spectrum of lesions and injuries of the musculoskeletal system ranging from bone fractures,  ligament or tendon lesions to worn-out joints.


Fracture treatment, Treatment of ligament injuries, Treatment of tendon injuries, Treatment of damaged cartilage, Treatment of arthrosis (osteoarthritis), Treatment of meniscus lesions, Treatment of the over-straining syndrome – the tennis elbow and golfers elbow, Treatment of compressive neuropathies, Treatment of musculoskeletal turmors, Revision operations, Biotechnology and infiltration injections, Localization (shoulder, elbow, the wrist and the fist, hip, knee).


Treatment and diagnostics in the domain of sports medicine are carried out under the inspection of dr. Nataša Desnica from Kaliper Polyclinic. Dr Desnica has been the official physician of the Croatian Alpine team for years, and she is an athlete herself. In Kaliper Polyclinic they offer all the services ranging from diagnostics for professional and recreation athletes up to the preparation for skiing and individual dietary programs.


Spiroergometric testing, Spiroergometry and lactate measuring in the blood, Antropomentry, Measuring the basal metabolism, Individual dietary plan, Indivudual work-out plan, Preparation for skiing, Fitness preparation of professional and recreation athletes

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