PET / CT is one of the most up-to-date and most sensitive non-invasive nuclear medical diagnostic methods of today, demonstrating the anatomy and appearance of organs, while providing information on both function and appearance of tissues and organs throughout the body. This is also a guideline to the doctor who can instruct the patient to search for the best and the most appropriate treatment for patients with malignant, cardiac and neurological diseases.
The advantage of PET / CT is that it captures and analyzes the entire body, not just a single segment, in one field of view. Instead of several separate examinations, which require significantly longer time for the patient and diagnosis at several different sites, further treatment may be initiated or continued immediately after PET / CT.

In cooperation with the Medikol Polyclinic, a PET / CT scan can be performed immediately, without waiting, at medical centers in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split or Osijek.

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