In complementary and integral medicine, Croatia4Health cooperates with Dr Roje neurological practice in Zagreb, Croatia.

Any therapy that is typically excluded from conventional medicine is called an alternative. An alternative practice that is applied in conjunction with conventional practice is called complementary (CAM).

The term Integral Medicine has been used for the past twenty years to describe medicine without ideological boundaries. This means that doctors only care about how patients are healed, and in that sense, do whatever is safe and effective, rather than bind to any dogma.


Medical: general neurological examination, systematic neurological examination, electromioneurography, electroencephalography

Consultative: second opinion in neurological cases, consultation of a forensic expert, outpatient clinic for general integrated medicine


Classical medical therapy, nutritional therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, medical massage, herbal therapy, magnetic resonance therapy, hyperbaric soft-chamber therapy, concentrated oxygen therapy, apitherapy, alpha-lipoic acid therapy, Calcium EAP therapy, alohomeotherapy, chelation, anti-aging programs, weight reduction, nutritional therapy, physical therapy


Cerebral paralysis, Multiple sclerosis, Facialis paralysis, Trigeminus neuralgia, Guillan Barre syndrome, Diabetic neuropathy, Dyskopathy and Radiculopathy, Headache and migraine, Post-brain and spinal cord injury, Post-injury and peripheral nerve disorders, Epilepsy, Panic disorder, and depression, alcohol and drug addiction, Motor neuron disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Anorexia, Stuttering

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